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Server List UI [v 1.4.0 ]

Resource Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Released 25th November 2021

Server List UI Pack Icon

Removes Featured Servers from Server Tab and restyles list for better viewing experience.
Updated for 1.18

Apply this pack to your Global Resources to put your favourite servers to the top of the list.

Also improves the width and look of the page and moves the Add Server button to the top for ease of use.

Download Latest Version:
🔗 server_list_ui_v1.4.zip [ 47KB ]

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All Versions:

[v 1.4.0 ] server_list_ui_v1.4.zip [ 47KB ] MCBE v 1.18.0
[v 1.3.0 ] serverlistui_v1.3.zip [ 42KB ] MCBE v 1.17.10
[v 1.2.0 ] ServerListUI_v1.2.0.mcpack [ 38KB ] MCBE v 1.16

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