Showing Support

Why have I added this page?

It feels a little pushy and expectant to publish a page that's about giving. But...
During streams and on discord I regularly get asked about the best ways to support me, both financially or otherwise, so I thought I'd make a list of the various different ways there are to help out.

Non-Financially [free to you]

  • YouTube Engagement: Likes, Comments & Shares!

    The easiest way to support me is to just watch my videos. If you enjoy my content, make sure to give it a like and subscribe if you're not already.
    Also, leaving a comment really helps, even if you're just saying hello.
    What helps even more is when people share my videos with others via social media! That really helps to spread the word.

  • Twitch: Follows, Chatting & Prime Subscriptions

    Following me on Twitch (where I regularly stream) also helps me out. So does chatting during the stream!
    Twitch Prime Subscriptions are FREE! if you have an Amazon Prime account. You can give me your free Prime Subscription monthly which actually gives me money and costs you nothing!

  • Browsing the Website

    Have you noticed my website has a few ads on it? 😅
    Browsing the website and particularly clicking the ads helps me out a LOT.
    If you have an Ad-Blocker, I'd really appreciate it if you turned it off on my site while you browse.

  • Discord Boosts

    If you already have Discord Nitro you might have a free boost that you can give to my discord server.
    That helps us use and maintain features that make the discord a much nicer place to be!

  • Podcast: Listen & Share

    Listening to the podcast helps too.
    Sometimes there are ads at the beginning and the end that we get paid a small amount for.
    Sharing the podcast is even better! Getting it to more people will help us grow much faster.

Financially [not free]

Please do not spend your money supporting me financially if you are under 18 years old or if you cannot afford to.
Please put yourself and your family first before thinking about financially supporting content creators.

I have ordered the following in order of which I benefit from the most, or rather, by which system takes the least commission.

  • Direct Donations via Paypal

    You can send me a payment directly using paypal who take a small fee per transaction.
    What's nice about this is you can choose exactly how much you'd like to tip or donate as and when you'd like to.
    You can make a one-off donation or choose to make it a recurring montly donation if you'd like to.
    Rate: I receive ~95% of your payment

    Direct Donation Perks
    There is no automatic system setup for paypal donations.
    However, if you did want to use Paypal to support on a regular basis, at the same amount as one of my YouTube Membership or Patreon Tiers, then I'd be happy to give you the same perks and roles within the discord.

  • Steamlabs Tips

    This is very similar to using PayPal. It also has relatively low fees and support for recurring payments if required.
    Rate: I receive ~90% of your payment

    Streamlabs Tips Perks
    If you tip using this while I'm live on twitch, it will come up onscreen with your message!
    Also, if you did want to use this method to support on a regular basis, at the same amount as one of my YouTube Membership or Patreon Tiers, then I'd be happy to give you the same perks and roles within the discord.

  • Patreon

    Patreon is my favorite way for people to pledge their support.
    It has a great system for managing members and perks and various tiers that you can choose to pledge at.
    There is no tie-in, you can pledge for a month or as many as you like and you can even pledge for a whole year in advance! Fees are a little higher than direct donations, but it's worth it for me for the convenience of the service.
    Rate: I receive ~85% of your payment

    Patreon Perks
    Perks include access to my Minecraft Servers, exclusive ranks on my discord, exclusive downloads and artwork, merch discounts and access to member areas on the discord too!
    There are different perks depending what tier you pledge at and I do not allow under 18's to pledge.

  • YouTube Channel Memberships

    I offer the same membership tiers on YouTube as I do on Patreon.
    Each tier comes with the same perks as Patreon too.
    The YouTube membership system isn't great from a management perspective and they have higher fees than Patreon, so I earn less.
    Rate: I receive 70% of your payment

    YouTube Membership Perks
    Exactly the same as the Patreon Tier Perks (above).

  • Twitch Subscriptions

    Twitch subscriptions are great, but Twitch do take a high percentage, meaning you're giving half of your money to Jeff Bezos! 🤮
    If you have Amazon Prime then use this as it's free to you and still gives me a financial reward!
    That way you're taking Jeff's money instead, which makes us all feel a little better! 😎
    Rate: I receive 50% of your payment

    Twitch Subscription Perks
    You get Emojis to use in chat!!!
    Also, if you're over 18 and have subscribed at Tier 2 or higher for more than a month, get in touch via discord and I'll give you the perks equivalent to Patreon VIP Tier, which includes access to my Minecraft Servers

  • Merch Sales

    I get a small commission on merch sales from Spreadshirt and Tee-Spring
    Whilst it's not much, it helps and it also means you've got something fancy to wear or gift!

    Merch Perks
    You can be Expert Level 99 like me!

Got a Question?

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