This is the best video I've ever made!!!

Over 300 hours of hard work and maximum effort!

This isn't a video like my usual lets play videos... This is a mini movie complete with green screen special effects, flying space ships, light sabers and much much more.

It too over 300 hours to make in total and I absolutely love it!

So take a seat, sit back and enjoy the movie!

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A Star Wars Parody... Can Foxy & Big Chicken help Santa save Christmas?

The Evil Bad Guy steals Santa's Space Presents in order to cause chaos in the Galaxy.

When Santa crash lands in Foxy's Minecraft Bedrock Edition world, he asks Foxy and Big Chicken to help rescue the presents and destroy the space station.

With the help of Ham Solo, an ace space pilot and Jack Minecart, playing Doctor Who, we manage to rescue the presents just in time for Space Christmas.

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