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What do I do?

Content Creator & Minecraft Partner

I'm a content creator, streamer and Minecraft Marketplace Partner.


I mainly make Minecraft lets play and tutorial videos, but I also spend time making add-ons and resource-packs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Twitch Streamer

I stream every week over on, mainly playing on the Truly Bedrock SMP and chatting with the viewers.


Make sure you don't miss out when I post a video or go live by subscribing to my YouTube channel and following me on Twitch.

Minecraft Creator

The add-ons, resource packs and tools that I make for Minecraft Bedrock Edition can be downloaded from the downloads page on this site.

Foxy's Streaming Setup

Check out my streaming setup!

You can see my streaming setup with details of all of the kit I use to stream and make videos.

You can also view the items I use online from and even buy the items for yourself!

Got a Question?

Feel free to ask on my Discord Server or send me a tweet

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