What are Experimental Features?

Additional game features that are still under development...

Experimental features are additional game features for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, that are still under development by Mojang.

They can include new blocks, items and entities but they are mainly for developing third party content such as add-ons, resource packs and maps for the Minecraft Marketplace.
They exist for the developers to be able to receive feedback from the public in order to test them and get them ready for production.

Not all experiments will make it into the stable release of the game as they may be determined to be unreliable or unsuitable.
Newer experiments are likely to change during development which can have adverse affects on add-ons and worlds which use them.

There are various experiments that are available to be toggled within your Minecraft world settings.
Each experiment contains different features that might be required for certain add-ons and maps.

You can enable experimental features on Minecraft worlds, realms and servers and use them in single player and multiplayer.

Are they dangerous?

Not all experiments are dangerous. Some have been around for a long time and are considered relatively stable.
Newer experiments are more likely to cause unpredictable results in your game which could lead to crashes or world corruption, but this is unlikely.

Always proceed with caution though! Make backups before enabling experiments on any of your worlds.

Why are some add-ons and packs Experimental?

There are a lot of add-on features within the experimental features that are not available within the stable version of the game.
Due to the popular demand of these features, I decided to add some of them into my packs to make my packs more effective and more enjoyable.

How to enable Experimental Features?

For single player worlds, you can toggle them within the world settings screen.

For realms and servers you can check it out on YouTube:

YouTube Video Thumbnail

YouTube Video Thumbnail