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Light Levels 
 [Mobile Only] Pack Icon

Light Levels [Mobile Only] [v 1.2.0 ]

Resource Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Released 6th August 2020

Light Levels 
 [Mobile Only] Pack Icon

Highlights any block or surface with a block light level low enough to spawn mobs.
Turn OFF Smooth Lighting.

Since MC 1.16.201, third party shaders are no longer supported on Windows 10 or Console versions of the game so this pack will only work on devices (mobile) not using the new Render Dragon engine.

This is a shader pack. It needs to be enabled in Global Resources, not per world and it might not work with other shaders installed.

Download Latest Version:
🔗 LightLevelsRed_v1.2.0.mcpack [ 49KB ]

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All Versions:

[v 1.2.0 Blue ] LightLevelsBlue_v1.2.0.mcpack [ 50KB ] MCBE v 1.16
[v 1.2.0 Black ] LightLevelsBlack_v1.2.0.mcpack [ 48KB ] MCBE v 1.16
[v 1.2.0 ] LightLevelsRed_v1.2.0.mcpack [ 49KB ] MCBE v 1.16

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