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Minecraft Preview adds Duplication!

1.19 is out! Quick find me a Geode!

Author: FoxyNoTail
Reading Time: 2mins
Published: 9th June 2022
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The Wild Update otherwise known as Minecraft 1.19 is finally here and the community is already in uproar over how far they’ve had to travel to find Allays and how much it’s affecting their world file sizes.

However, on the 8th of June 2022, just one day after the 1.19 release, the Minecraft Preview version has the answer to all of your problems in the form of a new duplication hack.

However, it's not a hack! This is an official duplication procedure officially put in place to enable players to clone their Allays!


Allay Duping

All you need to do is put on a jukebox, wait for the Allay to start dancing and then give it an Amethyst Shard. It will then play a sound, make a heart and duplicate itself. After duplication there is a cooldown for both the original Allay and the clone of 2.5 minutes before they're able to duplicate again.

You could argue that the Echo Shard might be a better fit for duplicating Allays, as the clone is effectively an echo of the original, however with Echo Shards being almost as rare as Allays, it doesn't really solve the problem.

Keeping with the Allay, there's been a lot of work on Nether Portal's over the last couple of Previews meaning that Allays can now safely travel with you into the Nether without suffocating in blocks.

Sculk Catalyst

Moving on from the Allay and back to the Deep Dark, the Sculk Catalysts have been updated so that only the closest one will bloom when a mob dies in proximity and the "It spreads" achievement will only be unlocked if a mob dies and gives XP near a Sculk Catalyst.


Frogs have been tweaked to prevent them laying frogspawn on shallow or flowing water and the Warden's digging particle effect has been tweaked to show less graphical artifacts.


In terms of gameplay, a few tweaks have been made including the Resistance Effect no longer being 1 level weaker than it should have been which means you should be a little tougher now. Haste I properly increases the player's mining speed, meaning you can mine faster above the water, however Conduit Power I has dropped the haste level from 2 to 1, meaning you'll need to wrap a little more prismarine around your conduit to get the full effect underwater.


And parrot poachers rejoice as cookies will once again cause parrots to cease to be when fed one by the player.


Other than that, there's a few technical updates in this Preview, but not much else, signifying that this minor update probably isn't far from release.

WIth one point to note in the change logs, specifically to add-on creators like myself, that they've once again fiddled with the PLayer entity, specifically with the exhaustion component, suggesting that add-on packs need to ensure that the player saturation rate is set correctly when this update is released

One last piece of good news for people using addons, specifically experimental ones, is that any worlds that have the Holiday Creator Features experiment enabled, should now be substantially quicker to load.

And that's pretty much it from the change log, however there are a couple of things not mentioned that you can see in the Minecraft Comparison system on Did you know, for instance, that in this Preview, the Villager Entity has had a lot of behavior tweaks affecting how it uses workstations!

Check it out for yourself at

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Article Author: FoxyNoTail

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