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Minecraft Preview - Bugs, Bug Fixes & Wild Update Release Date

There's a lot of things fixed in the hotfix. There's also a lot of things broken!

Author: FoxyNoTail
Reading Time: 3mins
Published: 27th May 2022
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The Beta is dead, long live the Minecraft Preview!

Wait what? Minecraft Preview version 1.19.10 is out, that can only mean one thing! Minecraft 1.19 is done and is officially slated for release on June the 7th 2022.

On the 25th of May 2022, Minecraft Preview was released signaling the end of the 1.19.0 Betas and Previews but bringing a whole bunch of bug fixes and changes to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Warden & Sculk Sensors

So let's get into it. Starting with the Warden who can now path through lava and water and can no longer be pushed while emerging from the ground. Its also had some anger and chasing buffs meaning it will lock on to targets that it roars at and get even more angry for each attack.

The Skulk Sensor has also had a couple of tweaks including being able to detect Big Dripleaf blocks changing states, correctly detecting varieties of dirt being tilled with a hoe and it won't detect players equipping handheld items anymore.


The Allay has been tweaked to prevent it from duplicating stackable items and it's pickup range has been reduced from 64 blocks to 32 blocks to match JAVA edition, so it shouldn't go wandering off so far anymore looking for items.

The Deep Dark

Back to the Deep Dark, the Sculk Vein will now drop as many items as its number of faces when mined with Silk Touch and the Sculk Catalyst will spread Sculk blocks through Mud and Muddy Mangrove Roots when mobs die around it.

The Sculk Shrieker also had some significant changes. It will now only scan for Wardens in an area of 48 blocks instead of 96 and it will only apply the Darkness effect to players who have a threat level of 3 or 4 now.

Be careful what you're riding in the Ancient Cities as it can now detect players riding any type of Entity and they will activate repeatedly when you're standing on them.

Mangrove Swamps

Out of the dark and into the Mangrove Swamp, Mangrove propagule growth will no longer be blocked by leaves, the Mangrove Log is now included in Bonus Chest Loot tables and Villagers that spawn inside Mangrove Swamps will become Swamp Villagers. And brick fans rejoice as clay now correctly generates in the Mangrove Swamps. Oh and Nether Sprouts and Fungi can now be placed on Mud and Muddy Mangrove Roots too. Additionally Frogs will now grow up from tadpoles into the correct variants in Meadows, Stony Peak and Deep Dark biomes and Goats will drop their horns when ramming Mangrove Logs.

In Touch Controls got some love but I'm not going to touch on that…

Vanilla Parity

What I will touch on however, are the numerous Vanilla Parity changes bringing Bedrock Edition further inline with Java Edition.

Mobs Equipping armor now produces sounds, Campfires and lecterns can support hanging blocks, breaking chest boats and chest minecarts upsets nearby piglins and liquids will look a little better when next to diagonally-adjacent blocks.

Nether portals have also been tweaked to put the player in the correct place when traveling through rather than always being snapped to one corner or another, which might have quite an effect on certain farms and will hopefully prevent certain entities suffocating as they pass through.

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode has seen some more love too. Players in spectator mode will no longer drown or suffocate in blocks, they can't be pushed by pistons and they will no longer have to sleep at night for the other players to pass the night.

Moving around in Spectator mode no longer affects the player's hunger levels and spectators will no longer make sounds like footsteps or climbing.

The Phantoms aren't happy though as Spectators are no longer affected by insomnia, meaning that they won't trigger Phantoms to spawn.

And the Spectators look different now too! Players in spectator mode will only have their heads render and they will be semi-transparent, which is more like what you'd see in Java Edition.

Still with spectator mode, projectiles like arrows and tridents will pass through spectators meaning they can't fly in the way during your PVP battles!

Wandering Trader Llamas

Moving on from spectator mode, the Wandering Trader llamas have been turned into their own mob. They no longer share the same files as normal Llamas which means they now have their own spawn egg and they will have the correct name displayed when opening their inventories. However they do seem to be completely invisible!

Other Changes

There's a whole bunch of other bug fixes and tweaks but one in particular has caught my attention and that is that failed slime spawn attempts will no longer reduce the rates of other mobs spawning, meaning you'll probably see more than just slimes spawning around the dark areas of your world now and hopefully, a few less slimes!

As usual there's so much more to the change log than I've got time to go through, so hit the link below to check it out in full, or if you'd like to see even more information about what's changed, head over to for a deep dive into all the things that got tweaked in this update.

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Article Author: FoxyNoTail

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