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Minecraft releases Official world converter and pruning tool

But it’s sadly quite useless for quite a lot of players!

Author: FoxyNoTail
Reading Time: 3mins
Published: 21st May 2022
Minecraft releases Official world converter and pruning tool

On the 20th of May 2022, @CornerHardMC a developer for Minecraft Bedrock Edition posted a tweet officially launching the Chunker world conversion tool for Minecraft.

The tool, found at, was made by The Hive Games under exclusive license to Minecraft, and it packs a lot of features. Perhaps one of the most useful features however, is also it's biggest downfall.

The tool allows anyone, on any device with a browser and internet connection, to upload their Minecraft Bedrock edition or Minecraft Java edition world files and convert them to any other version. It also allows you to convert them to older or newer versions of the games too.

...fully reset any dimension...

And it does a lot more than that. After uploading your world and selecting your the version you wish for the world to be exported in, clicking the Advanced Mode button opens the app up fully exposing all of its useful features.

Features include a map system allowing you to see an overhead visual representation of each of your dimensions, a World Settings section to change all of the world settings you'd expect to find in your vanilla world options, and also a bunch more that aren't accessible via the actual game and more.

There's also a dimension section that allows you to fully reset any dimension or prune them to the areas you specify and you can even move your dimensions from one dimension to another.

For example, you can put all of the chunks loaded in the Overworld into The Nether, or you can move all of The End dimension chunks into the overworld etc.

...convert all sand into Diamond Blocks...

One of the more advanced features, particularly useful for map makers, is the Block Mapping section which allows you to convert any block in the game to another block, even specifying additional data such as states, directions and even being waterlogged or not. You can create as many block maps as you wish, so if you want to convert all sand into Diamond Blocks and all dirt into Ancient Debris, then you can at the click of a button.

Finally, there are the Converter Settings which allow more advanced control over the conversion process. These are features it's probably not necessary to fiddle with unless you really know what you're doing.

... there is one massive drawback...

So all in all it's a fantastic tool that a lot of players will find extremely useful. Particularly map makers and builders. It's free, online and very intuitive. The user interface is lovely too and the entire process of uploading a world, changing settings and exporting it is very painless and simple.

However there is one massive drawback, and that's probably due to the limitations of being an online system. This app is obviously hosted on a server which will likely have a finite amount of disk space. Either that, or it's on a cloud hosted system that will likely charge for bandwidth usage and elastic storage. This means that worlds with large file sizes are not accepted by the system.

Now unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any data on the app itself or the documentation provided here ( to exactly what the maximum file size is, but I tested this with a download of a Bedrock Edition multiplayer SMP world which had a filesize of 1.5 Gigabytes.'s impossible to use this tool for any worlds that might actually benefit from the pruning functions...

Now that does seem large, however in the scheme of things, this is a fairly average world size for a multiplayer SMP and certainly a lot smaller than a JAVA Edition world of the same age and size, due to how Bedrock's storage engine is more optimized and compressed.

This means, it's impossible to use this tool for any worlds that might actually benefit from the pruning functions which is very disappointing.

It's understandable why these limitations exists for an online tool, especially a free one, however I'd like to see an offline version made available so that its more useful to that end of the player base.

The other issue with this system is that before the world can be uploaded, the tool checks all of the files inside the world first, I assume to check for malware and that the files are what you say they are. This process does take a long time. For the 1.5GB world I tested, the process took around 20 minutes and only after that process finished did it tell me the world was too large to upload.

It would be nice if this message happened before that process so you're not wasting all of that time, only to discover that you can't use the tool for that world.

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Article Author: FoxyNoTail

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