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Minecraft Beta [Wild Update]

SPECTATOR MODE DONE? THE WILD UPDATE IS ALMOST READY - Many many fixes and tweaks in Minecraft Beta / Preview

Author: FoxyNoTail
Reading Time: 3mins
Published: 4th May 2022
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The wait is almost over. Minecraft’s The Wild Update is just around the corner as the Beta’s move from introducing new features, to concentrating on bug fixes. On the 4th of May 2022, Minecraft Beta for Bedrock Edition was released with a whole host of tweaks and bug fixes as well as some more information and documentation on the now experimental Spectator Mode.

But before we get to that, let’s start though, by explaining that the Minecraft Beta system is on its  way out. As the Minecraft Preview spreads across more devices and platforms, the Beta is confirmed to be retired at the end of May 2022. If you’re not already signed up to the Minecraft Preview, you can find more details about how to get it and what platforms are supported in the links below.

Anyway, let's get into what’s been fixed in Minecraft Beta or if you’d prefer, Minecraft Preview, as they’re both identical development versions.

Starting from the bottom of the world and working our way up, the Ancient Cities got a bunch of tweaks and fixes including fixing the broken piston doors under the main central structure. Other fixes mean that the cities are less likely to be flooded with water or lava, the darkness effect has less visual issues and Sculk Shriekers can be waterlogged again. Sticking with Sculk Shriekers, breaking one whilst activated no longer prevents the Warden from Spawning, so be careful when you’re mining them!

Sculk sensors got a whole bunch of tweaks and fixes, including detecting the placement of additional turtle eggs and slabs, detecting entities on top of themselves, detecting dirt, rooted dirt and coarse dirt being tilled and detecting boat movement. Perhaps the most comical detection change is that the Sculk Sensor will no longer detect Players looking at Tamed Animals, so you can feel a little safer ogling at your llamas while hanging out in the Deep Dark.

Still in the deep dark, the warden has had a few more tweaks too. It will now emit the darkness effect every 6 seconds, it won’t try and attack tridents and other inanimate entities and it will prefer investigating the closest mobs position after sniffing rather than one a little further away. And also, it now won’t get quite so upset by experience orbs when attempting to target them instead of the player!
I supposed you could say the warden leveled up a little and no longer needs the XP.

Moving above ground and back to the Mangrove Swamp, Propagules will now grow at the same speed as in Java Edition and bees can also now pollinate them. Mangrove planks can now be crafted from stripped mangrove logs and now the Mangrove Roots are flammable too so we can burn down the entire Mangrove Swamps to the mud if we really wanted to.

However, frogspawn might take a little longer to hatch now if you Allow Cheats or are making videos in creative mode like this as it’s no longer affected by the Random Tick Speed gamerule. A change made for parity with Java edition.

Oh and remember when Mojang decided mobs should only spawn in a light level of zero? Well they’ve gone back on that a little allowing Endermen, Piglins, Skeletons and Wither Skeletons to spawn in light levels up to 11 but only in the Nether.

Three new achievements have been added to Bedrock Edition in this beta known as “It Spreads”, “Birthday Song” and “With our powers combined” although there’s no information about what these require you to do. But it’s quite good fun guessing so I’m going to do that! I would imagine “It Spreads” requires the player to spread sculk growth by killing entities near a Sculk Catalyst. “Birthday Song” will require you to play Music Disc 5 to the Warden on the it’s birthday and “With our powers combined” clearly requires you to join up with four of your other superhero friends in  vehicles to transform into a giant robot and destroy the entire w…. Wait no, I was thinking of something else…

Moving on, a whole bunch of graphical, stability and performance improvements have been made with one particular fix for pathfinding having me a little upset. Basically they’ve made it so that mobs no longer get stuck on open trapdoors anymore, so there’s no longer an easy way to trap your witches and have them decorating your base.

And that’s it for tweaks and fixes, except to say, like I mentioned at the start of this video, that spectator mode has had a lot of love given to it in this update.
There is now custom input mapping for spectator mode players, spectators can no longer attack, build, drop items, use items, open their inventories, interact with the world, chests or containers and entering spectator mode no longer stops you flying up or down if you weren’t already flying in creative mode.


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