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Minecraft Fireflies got Cancelled!

Mojang confirms frog killers are banned from the Wild Update!

Author: FoxyNoTail
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Published: 2nd May 2022
Minecraft Fireflies got Cancelled!

If you haven't heard about Minecraft's upcoming 1.19 Wild Update, you might be unaware that at the Minecraft Live show in 2021, Mojang announced that Frogs and Fireflies would be coming to the game.

As part of a Swamp biome update, which has since evolved into a brand new, separate Mangrove Swamp biome, Frogs were going to be introduced to Minecraft and their main food would be Fireflies.

...there's been no sign of the fireflies...

During the Minecraft event, early development footage was shown of the Frogs eating the fireflies as they floated around the swamp as ambient glowing pixels.

But, several months later there's been no sign of the fireflies in the Minecraft Betas and Snapshots and there has been no mention of them from Mojang or any of the developers via social media or official posts. As the development of the Wild Update moved towards the likely summer release slot, the Minecraft fandom and player communities were beginning to question if they'd been axed from development altogether, but Mojang still stayed silent on the subject.

Until Mojang released a brand new video on their main YouTube channel...

...switched the frogs' favorite food...

On the 22nd of April, 2022 Mojang released a video titled: The Secrets of Minecraft: How We Invented Frogs on their main YouTube channel, and the contents of this video confirms that the community was right, fireflies have been cancelled for the Wild Update.

During the video, the narrator explains that during development of frogs and their tasty firefly dinner, they discovered that in real life, some frogs can become very ill by consuming fireflies. Not wanting to teach susceptible players that you should feed fireflies to frogs became enough of a worry that they quickly switched the frogs' favourite food to the fantasy Slime monsters instead.

Since very early in the Minecraft experimental betas, slimes have been the meal of choice for frogs, so why did Mojang take so long to come out with their decision? And even in the video, it's not exactly 100% clear that the fireflies have actually been axed at all. Reading between the lines a little and checking one of the in-video graphics does confirm it, but why all of this hesitance?

Perhaps Mojang still wish to add the firefly to the swamp biomes to give that ambience they'd originally talked about during Minecraft Live 2019, or perhaps they don't want a wave of negativity thrown at them by the player base over social media and YouTube content.

Whatever the reason, the 1.19 update is currently looking pretty good, even though it's still missing a few things! 

Birch Forests anyone?

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