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The Warden just got Nerfed!

The Warden’s ranged attack damage has been reduced by a third...

Author: FoxyNoTail
Reading Time: 2mins
Published: 1st May 2022
The Warden just got Nerfed!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Warden by now… No? Well it’s Minecraft’s new mini-boss of sorts, designed to be almost unkillable to force players to play stealthily within the Ancient Cities which are new areas to play and explore that are found inside of the brand new Deep Dark biomes.

...Sculk Sensors which detect vibrations...

As you sneak around the Ancient Cities, looking for Swift Sneak enchanted books, Echo Shards and Music Disc Fragments, you try your best not to set off Sculk Sensors which detect vibrations from certain actions in the game. Actions include walking, opening chests, throwing projectiles, jumping and more...

If an activated Sculk Sensor is close to a Sculk Shrieker, the crazy loud shrieking block will send out a loud shrieking sound and emit particles designed to wake the Warden. If too many of these are sounded, the Warden will erupt from the ground and begin to search for entities, including the player.

...Warden were very easy to kill...

The Warden is totally blind, but it can sense vibrations via the tendrils on it's head and it can smell players. Once it's locked on, the more you move, the angrier it becomes and the faster the it's heart starts to beat.

When you're near the Warden, you're affected with blindness, disorienting you, making it hard to head towards safety.

Don't hang around too long, the Warden deals a very hefty melee attack, and since recent betas, it also now packs a very strong ranged attack, known as the Sonic boom.

The first iterations of the Warden were very easy to kill. It would die from lava, fire and you could either pillar up above it or drop into a hole and swipe at it with your sword without it being able to lay a finger on you.

So the developers took that feedback onboard and upgraded the Warden to be fire immune and able to reach players on pillars, behind walls or buried into the ground with the ranged Sonic boom attack.

...attack damage reduced by a third...

In Minecraft Bedrock Beta and Minecraft Preview, the Warden's ranged attack damage was seriously nerfed.

The update reduced the damage from a huge 30 damage points, or 15 hearts, right down to 10 damage points or 5 hearts. This means that the Warden can no longer one hit kill a player with full health.

You might think this could make the Warden an easy cheese again, but you'd be wrong. While the damage dealt from the Sonic attack was reduced, the cooldown between attacks was reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds, allowing the Warden to have a DPS (damage per second) of 5 instead of the 6 that it had previously. So it can still do almost the same amount of ranged damage over the same time period.

Also, the Warden's Sonic Boom attack can now completely bypass shields and armor, meaning that no matter how end-game you are, those ranged attacks are guaranteed to do some serious damage.

So yes, while the Warden's ranged sonic attack seemed to get a huge debuff, it actually is a lot more deadly than before!

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Article Author: FoxyNoTail

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