Watch: You can use the OFF-HAND in Minecraft Bedrock?

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WHAT'S NEW IN v0.0.2
Major update. The system will now momentarily swap the off-hand item into the main hand to use / place the block which means this add-on can now place all block types and use a large number of items from the off-hand.
It still cannot use items that aren't being used directly on a block from the off-hand, like rockets for flying or eating, but most items that interact with blocks can now be used.

- Stack sizes no longer decrease in creative mode
- Blocks can't be placed from the off-hand in adventure mode
- Shulker boxes no longer lose their contents
- Items lose durability rather than dissapearing on use
- Optimized the code for better performance
- Blocks make the correct sound on placing
- Block directions no longer needs calculating due to being placed by the main-hand momentarily
- Block variations now work due to being placed by the main-hand momentarily

Notable Issues:
- Items / blocks in the off-hand will momentarily switch to the main hand on use which will be seen visually on the hotbar as well as on the player.
- Lag may cause items / blocks to not place from the off-hand.

1. Add this pack to your world or server.
2. Triple crouch to place your main-hand item into your off-hand
3. If your main hand is free, or your main hand item can't be used on a block, the off-hand item should be placed.

- Change Item Swap Detection
1. Rename any item to "offhand".
2. Click with the item to open a form.
3. Choose from "Triple Sneak", "Double Sneak" or Typing a "." (period) into the chat to trigger swapping items.

If you want to change the sensitivity of the sneak detection, you can use the 4th button to open a new form with a slider. Lower numbers mean you have to sneak faster, higher numbers mean you don't have to sneak as fast.

Q. The block in my off-hand didn't place.
A. Is your world lagging? Also, there are a lot of mechanics this add-on tries to be aware of in order to make sure the off-hand doesn't take priority from the main hand. For example, you can't place a block from your off-hand on top of grass if you're holding a shovel in your main-hand, as the shovel is designed to turn the grass into grass path.

Q. I can't crouch fast enough to swap items
A. Turn off toggle crouch in the game settings. Or, rename any item to "offhand" and click with it. This will open up a form with settings allowing you to change the detection type and set the maximum number of ticks between sneaks in order to give you more time.

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Published 27th Apr 2023

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