Addons Tutorial 3: Creating an Entity (The Basics)

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Producing the Pack Files

How to create a humanoid entity with basic components

In this video I show you how to create an entity that is based on a humanoid and bring them into your world. It covers the entity behavior file, the resource pack files including textures, model (geometry) and render controllers as well as how to make a custom spawn egg. The entity will have basic behavior components.

Includes creating the following files:

  • Behavior Pack -> entities -> entity.json
  • Resource Pack -> entity -> entity.json
  • Resource Pack -> models -> geometry.json
  • Resource Pack -> render_controllers -> render_controller.json
  • Resource Pack -> textures -> item_texture.json
  • Resource Pack -> textures -> textures_list.json
  • Resource Pack -> textures -> entity -> entity.png
  • Resource Pack -> textures -> items -> entity.png
  • Resource Pack -> texts -> en_US.lang

Tutorial Files

🔗—Download Tutorial Files

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