Watch: How to PUSH PISTONS INTO each other in SURVIVAL! Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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I found the ONLY bug in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

I've spent hours trawling through the internet looking for any bugs I can find in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but I can't find any. That's because it's a perfectly coded game. But surely, there's JUST ONE BUG right?

And there is! I found it and you can upvote it on the Mojang Jira Minecraft Bug tracker here to help get it fixed!

End crystal causes two pistons to simultaneously stretch into each other

Ender Dragon animations are not smooth/stutter/jittery

All Bugs listed for MCPE:!%3D%20%22resolved%22%20%20ORDER%20BY%20created%20DESC%2C%20updated%20DESC

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Published 16th Dec 2022

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