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# Haste 3 Buff
# Created: 18/08/2023 [dd/mm/yyyy]
# Author: FoxyNoTail
# Version: 1.0.0
# Made for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.10
# For more info visit

# Experiments Required: Beta APIs

What's Included?
+ Wearing full Netherite Armor and holding a Netherite Tool will upgrade Haste 2 to Haste 3 allowing you to instamine Deepslate with an Efficiency 5 Netherite Pickaxe

Known Issues
Due to how beacons give the player effects, the Haste 3 buff will be removed when the duration drops below 10 seconds so that the beacon can rebuff you with Haste 2.
This results in a temporary dip from Haste 3 to Haste 2 for about a second every 6 seconds.

Adding this pack to your world.
Download the pack from

# Single Player Worlds and Realms
Use the in game settings to add the behaviour pack to your world.
To get the pack into the game on windows 10, double click the .mcaddon file you downloaded. It should install into Minecraft on it's own.
For other platforms, if trying to open the .mcaddon file doesn't work, copy the .mcaddon file into the behaviour_packs folder of your Minecraft bedrock installation.

# BDS Servers
Follow the instructions in the launch video here:

# Instructions
1. Enable Beta APSs experiment on your world
2. Equip yourself with full Netherite Armor
3. Hold a Netherite Tool while Haste II is in effect
4. You will be upgraded to Haste III
5. If your Netherite Pickaxe has the Efficieny 5 enchantment, you will be able to instamine Deepslate

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Published 24th Aug 2023

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