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# Entity Cramming [Parity]
# Created: 18/08/2023 [dd/mm/yyyy]
# Author: FoxyNoTail
# Version: 1.0.0
# Made for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.10+
# For more info visit

What's Included?
+ Entity Cramming Parity
If more than 24 entities occupy the same space (1/4 of a block) then they will start to take damage at a rate of 6 damage (3 hearts) per 10 ticks.
Armor stands and items are not affected.
The player will take priority. i.e. If 24 chickens are on a block and a player stands in that space, the player will take damage before the Chickens as per JAVA Parity

Adding this pack to your world.
Download the pack from

# Single Player Worlds and Realms
Use the in game settings to add the behaviour pack to your world.
To get the pack into the game on windows 10, double click the .mcaddon file you downloaded. It should install into Minecraft on it's own.
For other platforms, if trying to open the .mcaddon file doesn't work, copy the .mcaddon file into the behaviour_packs folder of your Minecraft bedrock installation.

# BDS Servers
Follow the instructions in the launch video here:

I hope you managed ok. Any issues, then please contact me via my discord. Details can be found on

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Published 26th Aug 2023

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