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Markers [v 1.0.3 ]

Resource Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Released 2nd December 2021

Spawn Spheres, Chunk Borders, Distance Measure, Coordinates and more!
Give an armor stand any banner and then change the pose.

+ Spawn Spheres
+ Chunk Borders
+ Compass
+ Distance Measure
+ Day
+ Time of Day
+ Coordinates
+ Nether Coordinates

This pack has issues rendering spawn spheres and chunk lines on iOS and Android. Use the alternate download link below for the Mobile version!

Download Latest Version:
🔗 Markers_v1.0.3.zip [ 128KB ]

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All Versions:

[v 1.0.3 ] Markers_v1.0.3.zip [ 128KB ] MCBE v 1.18.0
[v 1.0.2 Mobile ] Markers (Mobile) v1.0.2.mcpack [ 127KB ] MCBE v 1.16.220
[v 1.0.2 ] Markers_v1.0.2.mcpack [ 127KB ] MCBE v 1.16.220
[v 1.0.1 ] MarkersV1.0.1.mcpack [ 105KB ] MCBE v 1.16.220

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# Foxy's Markers
# Created: 02/12/2021 [dd/mm/YYYY]
# Version: 1.0.3

# Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.16.220+
# For more info visit https://www.foxynotail.com

Armor stands with banners will show a variety of useful info when posed.

a. As this is a resource pack and can't access deeper data like an addon/behavior pack, there is limited information that this can access.
- It cannot detect light levels or be adjusted for game difficulty / simulation distance.

b. Entity Render Distance
- On bedrock, entities cannot be seen beyond 70 blocks on most devices.
- This means the despawn sphere is only just in view when you're outside it.
- There are no options to increase this distance so there is no point in making larger despawn spheres as you won't be able to see them.

c. FPS
- The FPS meter is very fast and looks a little blurry
- It's not possible to slow this down with just the resource pack sadly.

d. Measure Distance
- Again, due to entities not being visible passed 70 blocks, the measure will only work up to 70 blocks away from the armor stand.
- If you need to measure longer distances than this, use multiple armor stands.

How to use:=
Give an armor stand any banner and then change the pose.
Currently there are 11 available settings. The first and last two armor stand poses are not currently used.

Pose 1: Spawn Spheres
- 24 Block Radius (Green) & 44 Block Radius (Red)
- 44 Radius is the despawn radius with a 4 chunk Simulation Distance

Pose 2: Chunk Borders (1 chunk)
- Chunk border is aligned to the chunk that the armor stand is inside of
- Does not work if the armor stand is placed on a diagnal orientation

Pose 3: Chunk Borders (3x3 chunks)
- Same as above but shows a grid of 3 x 3 chunks around the armor stand

Pose 4: Chunk Borders (5x5 chunks)
- Same as above but shows a grid of 5 x 5 chunks around the armor stand

Pose 5: Compass
- No matter which way the armor stand is facing, the compass will always point north

Pose 6: Measure Distance
- Great for measuring straight lines, heights and making circles!
- Shows the distance to the player (camera)
- Using the third person camera will affect the distance as this measures the distance from the armor stand to the camera.
- It will measure in all axis and directions

Pose 7: Day
- Shows the current in game day

Pose 8: Time of Day
- Shows the time of day (in ticks) from 0 - 24000

Pose 9: FPS
- Shows your current Frames Per Second

Pose 10: COORDS
- Shows the coordinates of where the armor stand is placed
- Limited to 99999 blocks in each direction

- Shows the corresponding nether coordinates of where the armor stand is placed (Overworld X & Z divided by 8)
- Limited to 99999 blocks in each direction
- This pose will show incorrect coordinates when inside The Nether dimension

Special Thanks:=
Inspired by RavinMadHatter's Chunk Borders Pack: https://github.com/RavinMaddHatter/Bedrock-Chunk-Boarders-Pack