Let’s Get Building!

A Beginner’s Guide To Navigating Your Way Through The World Of Minecraft

Author: FoxyNoTail
Reading Time: 2mins
Published: 21st December 2022

Minecraft is one of the world’s most successful and popular games for plenty of good reasons. If you have decided to finally jump into a world and see all the fuss, you may be a bit confused about what to do first. There is no story to play through, there is a world to create. Here is a quick guide on how to get started.

Start Your Save
Before you can get into a Minecraft world, you have to start a game and save it. This will randomly
generate the map you will spend hours and hours exploring and mining. Naming this world is the first of
the many tasks you will perform to make your world your own. It is also just one of the many times you
will have to come up with a name for something in Minecraft. This fantasy name generator can help you
out and cut down on thinking time so you can get straight to mining and crafting. You can use it to
quickly generate a whole bunch of different names you can use throughout your game.

How To Mine
The Minecraft world is made of blocks, like pixels, and each one can be mined. Some may disappear and
leave you with nothing, but most will give you a block you can hold on to or place somewhere in the
world. Your first task when you arrive in your randomly generated world is to build a house. If you are in
survival mode you will not have long to get going before the sun goes down and the mobs come out.
Without any tools or supplies, you have only one option. Punch.

Punch For Victory
Your arms are your only tool at the start. Walk up to a tree and start punching it repeatedly. As you do,
the block will begin to crack and eventually break, giving you a block of wood. Don't worry, as you make
tools, it will get easier and quicker to harvest blocks. Use a mix of wood and dirt to build yourself a home
that will offer you some protection from the monsters that come out at night. If you are playing on the
'Peaceful' setting, you do not need to worry too much.

First You Mine, Then You Craft
Once you have some basic blocks in your inventory you can begin to craft items that will make life
easier. With a bunch of blocks of wood, you can make a crafting table. This will open up a huge range of
new crafting opportunities for you, including tools. Make your life easier and make a wood axe that you
can use to chop down trees quickly. Back this up with a wooden pickaxe. The pickaxe can be used to
break apart stone blocks which you can use to make stone tools that work faster. From these small first
steps, you can create your own Minecraft world.

Minecraft is a simple game. You mine, and then you craft. Pretty quickly you will find that there is so
much to do, and so much to try, and that there are whole worlds within worlds in Minecraft. Enjoy your