Minecraft Bedrock Official Changelog

Minecraft - 1.19.41 (Bedrock)

A new update is available that addresses some issues that have occurred since the release of 1.19.40.

As always, we appreciate all your help and input, please report any new bugs at bugs.mojang.com and leave your feedback feedback.minecraft.net .


  • Fixed choppy performance after resuming due to incorrectly presented frames on Xbox Series X|S consoles ( MCPE-155879 )
  • Fixed the brightness of the night sky when enabling RTX ( MCPE-162445 )
  • Players can once again spread items across an inventory grid when holding the "Place One" button with a controller ( MCPE-163625 )
  • Fixed an issue where players couldnt scroll through the contents of Chests with touch controls ( MCPE-163619 )
  • Fixed multiple issues related to joining Realms