Minecraft Bedrock Official Changelog

Minecraft - 1.13.1 (Bedrock)


  • Crashes
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur when joining Realms
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining Featured Servers
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when throwing lingering potions
  • General
    • Error message 'Failed' displays when attempting to 'Create on Realms' while there are expired Realms for the account
  • Character Creator
    • Elytra will no longer be invisible or blocky when using a custom imported skin ( MCPE-54439 )
    • Players can now apply the Founder's Cape to custom (imported) skins ( MCPE-53513 )
    • Waiting for a skin to load will no longer block players from getting into a game ( MCPE-45038 )
    • Players no longer share the same custom skin during multiplayer sessions ( MCPE-48207 )
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed chests sometimes being invisible ( MCPE-52790 )
    • Going through portals will now take you to the correct place in the corresponding dimension ( MCPE-54519 )
  • Tweaked view bobbing movement ( MCPE-54645 )
    • We intend to tweak this further in a future update!
  • User Interface
    • Closed Realms are no longer displayed on the 'Create on Realms' screen
    • Fixed incorrect Japanese and Korean characters appearing in Language settings