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UHC TEAMS - Ultimate Hardcore Add-on Version 2.4.0 Details

Battle Royale PVP for Minecraft

Updated for 1.17.10

- Automatic team selection for up to 8 teams.
- No limit to the number of players per team.
- Designed by TheRealDillPick
- Includes a target block minigame to play while you're waiting for players to join
- Many many many fixes and changes to make the entire process smoother and more reliable

UHC TEAMS - Ultimate Hardcore Add-on Version 2.4.0 Readme

# Foxy's UHC [With Teams!]
# Created: 15/07/2021 [dd/mm/YYYY]
# Version: 2.4.0

# Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.16.201
# For more info visit https://www.foxynotail.com


Updated for 1.17.10

In this version you can play every person for themselves like normal, or you can choose to play a team game.

Choosign a team game will allow you to pick up to 8 teams by simply standing on the coloured glass above the UHC Building. You can sort the teams however you want, they don't have to be balanced.
There is capacity for up to 8 teams which all have a unique colour.

When playing a team game, the last team remaining will be the winners.

If there is a crash, server restart or if players disconnect during a match, it may be possible for the game to think there is only 1 team left which means it will end the match and declare that team the winner.
If this happens, once everyone has joined back in run the command /function UHCFix to continue the match. No progress will be lost and the timers will continue as normal.

The Nether and The End are not accessible with this UHC because of how the world border works. If you try to go into another dimension you will be considered out of bounds and teleported back to the main playing area.
I would like to add functionality to go to these dimensions in future, but right now it's a little too complicated to include.

Required: World Options
+ Cheats Enabled (So you can use functions)
+ Education Edition (So you can fly in spectator mode)

Once in the world use the command:
/function install

You will be teleported to a structure where you can select the options you require.
When players join they will join on top of the building so they can't fiddle with the settings.

If you don't end up inside the admin section of the UHC Hub after the install process for whatever reason, use the command:
/function UHCAdmin
You can also use this to take you back to the admin room at any time.

Once you have selected the game options in the admin room, hit the button at the end that says READY. Alternatively, if you can use the command:
/function UHCReady

Once all of the players are in game, press the UHCStart button in the centre of the room or run the command:
/function UHCStart

If you're playing teams, the start button will tell you to pick teams in the team selection area. Head down into the room, make sure everyone has picked their team by standing on the coloured squares and then hit the START UHC button located in the red square section. Alternatively run the command:
/function UHCTeamStart

While paused the timers will stop, the world border won't shrink and all players will be set to adventure mode to help prevent cheating.
To pause the game use the command:
/function UHCPause

Resuming from paused will restart the timers and set the remaining alive players back to survival.
To resume use the command:
/function UHCResume

Ending the game can be done with the command:
/function UHCEnd

You can restart the match at any time using the command:
/function UHCRestart

If you want to reset for any reason, you can but all of your settings will be reset aswel.
To reset, use the command:
/function install

+ Visible Player Health
+ Shrinking World Border
+ Spectator Mode on Death
+ TP To other Player in Spectator Mode
+ Spread Players
+ Up to 8 Teams

World Border Start Size
World Border End Size
PVP Time
Total Time
Spread Players Distance
20 Minute Episode Reminders
Pause/Resume/End UHC
Teams On / Off