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Wearable and Placeable Mob Heads

READ ME There is a ReadMe File with instructions inside this download. Unzip the pack and you will see the README.txt file inside the behavior pack folder (mob_heads_ex_b)

Mob Heads Readme

# Foxy's Experimental Mini Blocks # Created: 07/05/2021 # Version: _1.0.1_ # Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.16+ # For more info visit EXPERIMENTAL PACK WARNING ========================= This won't work without the "Holiday Creator Features" Experiments Toggle selected in your world. It will not work on realms or servers due to those not allowing experimental features. ========================= HOW TO USE ========== Trade with the Wandering Trader to get the mini blocks in survival. To use the mini blocks place with right click. Pickup with shift + right click (crouch and click). Left click to sit on the block. Shift or Jump to get off again. Adjust the position / rotation of the mini blocks with different colors of dye. SPECIAL THANKS ============== Thanks to VisionedPlot192 for 8Bit texture files KNOWN ISSUES =============================== Known Issues for 1.16.220 1. TP Issues Moving Mini Blocks is glitchy due to how teleporting entities is handled in 1.16.100 If the mini block doesn't move when adjusted, re-log to see it has moved properly. 2. Dispensers and Droppers Crafted dispensers and droppers have a default data value of 3, whereas given (using commands) items have the correct data value of 0. This means the wandering traders trades have had to be changed to require dispensers and droppers that have the directional component in order to work. This may cause problems on later versions. Affects: - Dispenser - Dropper ADJUSTMENTS & 8BIT TEXTURES =========================== Click with a dye to make adjustments to the mini blocks. Switch Texture: Magenta Dye Change Scale: Micro: White Dye Mini [Normal]: Gray Dye Large [Full Block Size]: Black Dye Rotate: Rotation Align: Red Dye RotateX: Green Dye RotateY: Blue Dye RotateZ: Yellow Dye Position: Position X: Orange Dye Position -X: Brown Dye Position Y: Pink Dye Position -Y: Purple Dye Position Z: Lime Dye Position -Z: Cyan Dye AVAILABLE BLOCKS ================ Oak Leaves Spruce Leaves Birch Leaves Acacia Leaves Jungle Leaves Dark Oak Leaves Scaffolding Glass Ender Chest Enchanting Table Furnace Crafting Table Chest Shulker Box Jukebox White Concrete Orange Concrete Magenta Concrete Light Blue Concrete Yellow Concrete Lime Concrete Pink Concrete Gray Concrete Light Gray Concrete Cyan Concrete Purple Concrete Blue Concrete Brown Concrete Green Concrete Red Concrete Black Concrete Obsidian Bricks Sandstone Quartz Block Purpur Block Snow Block Terracotta End Stone Bricks Red Mushroom Block Sand Red Sand Gravel Grass Block Dirt Podzol Mycelium Clay Packed Ice Melon Pumpkin Hay Bale Dark Prismarine Prismarine Brick Prismarine Sea Lantern Tube Coral Brain Coral Bubble Coral Fire Coral Horn Coral Dried Kelp Block Nether Wart Block Magma Red Nether Bricks Soul Sand Nether Bricks Netherrack Glowstone Coal Ore Iron Ore Gold Ore Lapis Lazuli Ore Diamond Ore Redstone Ore Emerald Ore Nether Quartz Ore Lapis Lazuli Block Gold Block Iron Block Diamond Block Emerald Block Coal Block Redstone Block Dispenser Dropper Observer Unlit Redstone Lamp Sticky Piston Piston TNT Stone Polished Granite Polished Diorite Polished Andesite Granite Diorite Andesite Cobblestone Mossy Cobblestone Stone Bricks Chiseled Stone Bricks Smooth Stone Oak Planks Spruce Planks Birch Planks Jungle Planks Dark Oak Planks Acacia Planks Oak Log Spruce Log Birch Log Jungle Log Dark Oak Log Acacia Log Crimson Nylium Warped Nylium Lit Redstone Lamp Crimson Stem Warped Stem Crimson Planks Warped Planks Netherite Block Ancient Debris Nether Gold Ore Blackstone Polished Blackstone Polished Blackstone Bricks Chiseled Polished Blackstone Gilded Blackstone Shroomlight Chiseled Nether Bricks Basalt Polished Basalt Warped Wart Block Crying Obsidian Target Slime Block Honey Block Sponge Wool End Stone Red Sandstone Bone Block Barrel Loom Smoker Blast Furnace Fletching Table Cartography Table Smithing Table Bee Nest Beehive Honeycomb Block Lodestone Respawn Anchor Soul Soil