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Battle Royale PVP for Minecraft

INCLUDES + Visible Player Health + Shrinking World Border + Spectator Mode on Death + TP To other Player in Spectator Mode + Spread Players

UHC - Ultimate Hardcore Readme

# Foxy's UHC # Created: 08/02/2021 [dd/mm/YYYY] # Version: 1.4.0 # Made for MC Bedrock Edition 1.16.201 # For more info visit https://www.foxynotail.com Players drop their heads when they die. TO RUN ====== Required: World Options + Cheats Enabled (So you can use functions) + Education Edition (So you can fly in spectator mode) Once in the world use the command: /function install You will be teleported to a structure where you can select the options you require. When players join they will join on top of the building so they can't fiddle with the settings. START Once all of the players are in game, press the UHCStart button in the centre of the room or run the command: /function UHCStart PAUSE While paused the timers will stop, the world border won't shrink and all players will be set to adventure mode to help prevent cheating. To pause the game use the command: /function UHCPause RESUME Resuming from paused will restart the timers and set the remaining alive players back to survival. To resume use the command: /function UHCResume END Ending the game can be done with the command: /function UHCEnd RESTARTING You can restart the match at any time using the command: /function UHCRestart RESET If you want to reset for any reason, you can but all of your settings will be reset aswel. To reset, use the command: /function install INCLUDES ======== + Visible Player Health + Shrinking World Border + Spectator Mode on Death + TP To other Player in Spectator Mode + Spread Players OPTIONS ======== World Border Start Size World Border End Size PVP Time Total Time Spread Players Distance 20 Minute Episode Reminders Pause/Resume/End UHC CHANGES IN 1.4 ============== Spectators - Added water breathing effect - Increased resistance effect to 255 to prevent death - Allow them to move outside of world border - Remove "player" from family component to prevent mobs from noticing them [Credit to Madhatter] - Running clear command for Spectator Items on alive players to prevent them cheating. - Killing spectator items that are dropped to prevent cheating. - When relogging spectators join at full health without spectator features [Noted by Gruva] - Gave spectators "Spectate" item that will reissue their spectator effects if required. - Dead players can be revived for a new match by running /function install or /function UHCStart UHC Structure Changes - 100 block border caused teleporting issues - Removed smallest world border If in the Nether or the End the player would be teleported to 0,0 in that dimension. - If go to end or nether then get teleported back to the UHCBUILDING and spreadplayered back to the ground.