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Wearable and Placeable Mob Heads

Mob Head Pack build is now fully automated. Fixed angry bee heads View the Readme file for more details...

Mob Heads Readme

To get heads in survival, kill mobs. Increase your chance with looting enchantment. To use heads place with right click. Pickup with shift + right click (crouch and click). Left click to sit on the head. Shift or Jump to get off again Adjust the position / rotation of the mob heads with different colors of dye. KNOWN ISSUES ============ 1. TP Issues Moving Mob Heads is glitchy due to how teleporting entities is handled in 1.16.100+ If the mob head doesn't move when adjusted, re-log to see it has moved properly. 2. Toast Bunny Unobtainable - Game code issues prevent this being possible 3. Coloured Sheep Heads Any colour sheep will drop any colour head. [Game code issues] 4. Tamed Wolves Heads are impossible to get It is no longer possible to get loot from tamed wolves [Game code issues] ADJUSTMENTS =========== Click with a dye to make adjustments to the mini blocks. Change Scale: Micro: White Dye Mini [Normal]: Gray Dye Large [Full Block Size]: Black Dye Rotate: Rotation Align: Red Dye RotateX: Green Dye RotateY: Blue Dye RotateZ: Yellow Dye Position: Position X: Orange Dye Position -X: Brown Dye Position Y: Pink Dye Position -Y: Purple Dye Position Z: Lime Dye Position -Z: Cyan Dye AVAILABLE HEADS =============== __HEADLIST__