Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.12 Update | MCBE MCPE | Minecraft PE 1.12.0

What's New in the Latest Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update - Minecraft 1.12

This bug video is for the latest update for Minecraft PE 1.12.0

The 1.12 Update, known as The Bug Fix Update has introduced a host of new game breaking bugs into the game which have made the bedrock version of minecraft a very worrying place to be.

The list of bugs I cover are:
1. Custom Skin Bug: Custom Skins no longer working
2. Realm Bug: Realms resetting and losing all the world data
3. Realm Download Bug: Realm downloads giving a blank world and losing all their data
4. TP Bug: TP over 50k blocks breaks game
5. Chunk Bug: Chunks not loading
6. Invisible Player Bug: Players become invisible to other players.
7. Xbox Rendering Bug: Mobs and other items become invisible or render incorrectly
8. Dyed Armor Bug: All Dyed Leather armor renders as white on armor stands and mobs.
9. Bed Bug: Beds no longer register the player in the bed
10. Skeleton Bug: Skeletons not killed by player drop fully mended bows with full durability.
11. Haste II Bug, Block Lag Bug: Blocks come back after being broken.

This video is a joking sarcastic look at these terrible bugs and the horrendous state that the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is currently in.

I urge the developers to create a working BETA system that most people can actually use to prevent these epic disasters in future!

Official Change Log: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360030428752-Minecraft-1-12-0-Bedrock-

Most of this video is recorded on the Truly Bedrock realm.

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Lets Play recorded on Minecraft Bedrock Edition
This edition works on Windows 10, Pocket Edition, Android, iOS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and other devices.

List of Nonesense
Minecraft 1.12 is the most recent minecraft update.
Minecraft 1.11 is no longer the most recent minecraft update.
Minecraft 1.10 is relatively recent.
Minecraft 1.9 Is a little old now.
MCBE is the Edition I play on.
Hermitcraft is really cool.
Minecraft Survival Lets Play is my favourite way to play.
I love the Lecturn.