The video above is an admin guide showing how to prune and optimise your world for realms and servers. It also showcases how to use the Pending Tick Data download.

MCBESwitcher [v 0.1.4 ] - Released 4th June 2020
Switch between Minecraft Bedrock Edition versions and profiles on Windows 10.
Platform: Bedrock Edition
Runs on Windows 10
0.1.4 Update adds Quick Launch button. This does not switch profiles or versions. Load and Launch button will affect profile and version changes.

🔗- [ 703KB ]

MCBEProfiles [v 0.1.2 ] - Released 4th June 2020
Use different profiles for Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 10. [This is not a version switcher]
Platform: Bedrock Edition

Pending Tick Data Version [v 1.1 ] - Released 4th June 2020
Script removes PendingTick data from world chunks to fix chunk lag.
Platform: Bedrock Edition
Minecraft Version: 1.12+