Tools for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (MCPE)

Tools & Software

I've made a few apps and tools for Minecraft Bedrock Edition over the last few years, most of them still work fine.

If you have any issues running any of the tools, please visit my discord for help and advice.

Viruses: I take great care to make sure all of my downloads are virus and malware free.
However, because I'm not a certified software company, and I don't have the tools and resources to certify each of my apps, sometimes browsers and anti-virus programs like to warn you that some of my apps contain viruses.

This is NOT TRUE!

What is actually happening is that because there isn't a great deal of reputation for these apps on the internet (because they're not downloaded much), and because they're not certified by a large software company, they are flagged as "risk" due to the anti-virus software not being able to verify what it is.

If you're still concerned after that explanation, that's absolutely fine. Safety should 100% come first, so I won't be offended if you choose not to use them.


Will these run on my device?

The sofware on this page has been designed to run on the 64bit version of Microsoft Windows unless it says otherwise.

These will not run on machines with ARM processors or on mobiles or tablets.

Having problems?

Each download contains a readme file which you can open with a generic text editor.
There are instructions inside the readme files.

Still having problems?

Join my discord and ask for help in the technical channels.

Found a bug?

Join my discord and make a note of the bug in the bug reports channel.

Helpful Videos

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