Foxy's Friend Server - MEMBERS ONLY

This is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition server that is just for my FRIEND ranked members.

We are currently playing my Super Chunk Block Survival Map which is available to download here: Downloads

It is possible to join this world but please be aware, not everyone can be a member....

For safety purposes both to protect our members and also children, we do not allow under 18s to join the world. Similarly, it is not free to join. We offer a safe world for players to feel comfortable playing, building their bases without worrying about griefers and problematic players. We are able to do this by elevating the entry requirement behind a pay wall. We have had an amazing success in doing this so far and as a result, myself and all of the members can have a much more enjoyable experience.

Cut to the chase... HOW DO I JOIN!!!!

To become a member you must be over 18 and you need to join my Patreon at the Friend level or higher.

Anyone joining under the age of 25 will be asked for photo I.D. to prove they are over 18.


To learn more about these servers or to get to know the people involved, please join our discord here: Discord Invite