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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a service that allows creators such as myself to offer rewards to my followers, subscribers and fans in exchange for monthly pledges.

Basically it means that if you pledge to pay a small amount of real money every month, then you'll get access to my servers, worlds, videos and other restricted information.

Why am I using Patreon?

My goal is to develop a community where all of my fans and I can come together and enjoy the benefits of a safe, friendly and happy community. Because YouTube is a part time hobby and not my full time job, I can't really afford to provide all of the services that I'd like to offer you all. Therefore I'm asking for you to offer something in return so that we can all benefit and have fun together.

I'm not interested in making a profit from Patreon as I have a real job, so I just want to put everything I get from it back into making my servers, videos and channel much better for you all to enjoy and be a part of.

How do I pledge?

Go to my Patreon web page here, and choose one of the patreon levels that suits you best.

There are different rewards for different levels of pledging.


For example: A $5 per month pledge gives you access to either my JAVA Survival server or my Bedrock Realms server where you can come along, join in building and being part of my videos. A $10 per month pledge gives you access to both servers.