Tutorial | SEA GRASS FARM | Minecraft Bedrock Edition How To

NANO SEA GRASS & CORAL FARM - Minecraft Tutorial

This Minecraft Tutorial shows you how to build a nano sea grass and coral farm so that you can get sea grass very easily for decoration and also to feed, lure and breed turtles.

This farm uses bone meal on underwater sand blocks to grow coral and sea grass. If you harvest the sea grass with shears you get sea grass in the chest. If you harvest with a silk touch tool you get coral in the chest.

You can then use the sea grass to breed turtles who will lay eggs and then you can get the Scute Turtle Shell Helmet.

What you need:
14x Glass (or other building block)
2x Sand
1x Obsidian
1x Building Block (Not sand)
1x Lever
2x Trapdoor
2x Redstone Torch
2x Redstone Dust
1x Repeater
1x Dispenser
1x Redstone Lamp
2x Chest
2x Hopper
2x Bucket of Water


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