Minecraft | PORTAL HOPPING | Foxy's Bedrock Survival [22]

I make a Nether Portal Network to a Desert and a Mesa Biome.

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. In this series I play Minecraft, mining and building all sorts of exciting things.

I don't really know Minecraft PE very well so I need you to help me by giving me tips and tricks about Pocket Edition and I'd also like you to give me lots of fun challenges to complete during this series.

In this episode I link up some new areas of my world with Nether Portals so that I can travel to them quickly. I find a new Mesa Biome and a Village. I take some terracotta from the Mesa Biome and make Blue Glazed Terracotta with Lapis Dye.

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Thank you all for watching my Minecraft YouTube let's play survival series videos and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them.

- Foxy No-Tail :)