Tutorial | HOW TO MAKE SMOOTH STONE | Minecraft Bedrock Edition Guide (MCBE)

How to make Smooth Stone Blocks and Slabs easily in Minecraft 1.9+

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In 1.9 you can no longer craft smooth stone slabs from stone.
You have to smelt cobblestone blocks into stone blocks and then smelt the stone blocks into smooth stone blocks.

Smooth Stone Blocks can currently be crafted into Smooth Stone Slabs on a Crafting Table, however soon we will have to use the New Stone Cutter Crafting Block to make Smooth Stone Slabs.

This redstone tutorial shows you how to build an automatic smooth stone furnace system that will slowly generate a supply of smooth stone from any stone and cobblestone blocks added into it.

This guide explains how to make smooth stone using and auto smooth stone redstone furnace system for minecraft pocket edition (MCPE).

Auto Smooth Stone Furnace Arrays are not hard to build on minecraft bedrock edition. They use very simple redstone components and you can also smelt diorite, andesite and granite to make smooth stone and smooth stone slabs.

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