Minecraft | ENDER DRAGON PREP | Foxy's Bedrock Survival [34]

Getting Ready to Fight The Ender Dragon


I will do the challenge from the comment with the most likes in the next episode.

Pick 1 from the list below and add it to a comment for me to complete in the next episode.
If there is already a comment with the same challenge, like that comment.

1. Make a wall of glory containing every item in Minecraft
2. Kill the Ender Dragon with no armour, low health and hunger
3. Make automatic underground wheat farm
4. Live in a Desert Temple for 2 Episodes
5. Get all the Achievements
6. Make Happy and Sad Mountains
7. Get 2 of every color sheep
8. Live in a Candy Temple
9. Make a Nether Base
10. Kill 15 Endermen in 5 Episodes
11. Make a Bakery. Sell Cake, Bread, Cookies & Pie
12. Make Zombie Party room with Cake as Floor
13. Make a Giant 16x16x16 block Chest
14. Make House into a UFO
15. Don't die for 6 episodes
16. Put a Diamond block in a museum
17. Make a bridge with mobs called "Baddie Guy Bridge"
18. Make a Glass Dome with an Igloo inside for a Snow Golem
19. Go 1 episode without a pickaxe
20. Fight the Wither on the Surface
21. Make dyed horse armor from leather
22. Fight Woodland Mansion without a Bow
23. Make an Enderman farm
24. Put fences around my house and spawn iron golems
25. Get a Polar Bear
26. Bring Mooshrooms Home
27. Have a Surprise Party for Big Chicken
28. Find the End Portal
29. Find the Ocean
30. Build a Mushroom House
31. Kill 20 Endermen
32. Cure a Zombie Villager and Trade with them Twice
33. Get a sapling of each type and put them away in a vault
34. Build a Cake Factory
35. Make complete set of dyed armor, all different colours and wear.
36. Have 3 cats and 3 dogs as pets
37. Build Giant Villager and put villagers inside
38. Find Ocean Monument and get Sea Lantern.
39. Get Frost Walker Enchantment
40. Make Iron Golem
41. Make Automatic Sugar Cane Farm with Observers
42. Grow tall jungle or spruce trees and make a Tree Fort
43. Build a statue of myself
44. Build a Guardian Farm
45. Build an Item Elevator
46. Build an Ice Road for Boats
47. Build a Hotel
48. Make a sculpture of Me, Jack, Chuck & Big Chicken

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. In this series I play Minecraft, mining and building all sorts of exciting things.

I don't really know Minecraft Bedrock Edition very well so I need you to help me by giving me tips and tricks about Pocket Edition and I'd also like you to give me lots of fun challenges to complete during this series.

In this episode I Enchant Bows, Diamond Swords and Diamond Armor ready for fighting the Ender Dragon.

I also have more problems with Zombie Pigmen and spend a lot of time generating XP with my Skeleton Spawner and my Zombie Spawner.

I also do some Potion Brewing to test if Potions of Instant Damage or Potions of Harming help with my Spawners.

I end up making two Amazing Enchanted Bows, Two Awesome Enchanted Diamond Swords and Two full sets of Enchanted Diamond Armor!

I also gather Golden Apples, Food, Beds, Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder to make Eyes of Ender.

Twitter - @foxynotail

Facebook - www.facebook.com/foxynotail

YouTube - www.youtube.com/foxynotail

Thank you all for watching my Minecraft YouTube let's play survival series videos and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them.

- Foxy No-Tail :)