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This Minecraft video is a guide to understanding the new village mechanics for the new villages and villagers from the village and pillage update of Minecraft Bedrock Edition version 1.11.

In this how to video, I go from the basics of what a village is, to how to make multiple villages, how to find the village center, how to manipulate the village center, where iron golems and cats will spawn in the village and also how to combine and stack villages to improve rates of iron farms.

This video is not about Minecraft JAVA Edition mechanics, it is based on the Bedrock Edition (MCBE) mechanics which are completely different.

In the Bedrock version of Minecraft, to make a village you need one village and one bed.
You can also add a bell for the villagers to connect to which will often become the center of the village.

Cats require 4 beds to start spawning. For each 4 beds in one village, the game will spawn 1 cat.
Iron golems require 21 beds to start spawning.

Villages can be stacked inside each other to improve iron farm rates but it is not simple to do and can be frustrating to make it work correctly.

This video is not a tutorial for an iron farm, but it should help you design your own iron farm once you understand all of the new features and mechanics of the new villages in the village and pillage update.

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