Minecraft | NETHER CHUNK | Foxy's Bedrock Survival [59]

Minecraft 1.4.2 - THE UPDATE AQUATIC

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. In this series I play Minecraft, mining and building all sorts of exciting things.

I don't really know Minecraft Bedrock Edition very well so I need you to help me by giving me tips and tricks about Pocket Edition and I'd also like you to give me lots of fun challenges to complete during this series.

In this episode I build another museum piece for my Nether Star which is actually crafted into a Beacon.

I make a Full 16x16x16 chunk look like the nether by building it with Netherack, Glowstone, Nether Brick, Soul Sand, Nether Quartz Ore, Lava, Magma Blocks and even a Wither Skeleton.

I take a couple of trips to The Nether to gather resources and I come across a Nether Fortress with a bunch of Wither Skeletons and also a double Blaze Spawner.

I manage to get two Wither Skulls before returning home to finish the build.


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Thank you all for watching my Minecraft YouTube let's play survival series videos and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them.

- Foxy No-Tail :)