Minecraft | FISH & BONE FARM | Truly Bedrock [7]

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This episode I work on an underwater Fish and Bone Farm

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Chunk Bound Shaders

Welcome to the seventh episode of season 0 of the Truly Bedrock Survival Multiplayer Minecraft Bedrock Server.

Island Tour
This episode starts with me showing off some of the cool builds around the main Island of Truly Bedrock.
We see DB's light house, SlackLizard and RogueFox's houses and also some lightning damage.
I decide to setup my new bedroom in the top community area of SlackLizard's house.

Automatic Smooth Stone Furnace System
I then show off my Auto Smooth Stone Furnace system which I have a tutorial for here: https://youtu.be/tgmhZMfxHHk

Secret Redstone Doors
I go on to show some secret tunnels with Redstone piston doors that allow me to sneak around the island into other people's houses and bases.

Zombie Spawner XP Farm
Next I show of my Zombie Spawner XP farm which I built off camera using the new stairs, slabs and walls that came out in Minecraft 1.9.

Enchanted Book Shop
Following on from that, I then go and explore Prowl's book shop on the main island. I want Efficiency and Unbreaking books but sadly he doesn't have any.

Charged Creeper
I then attempt to move a Charged Creeper in a boat to Slack's island so I can trade it for a beacon. However things don't quite go to plan.

New Tunnel
I then find out that someone has stolen my quick way into my bedroom at the Inn so I make a new tunnel between my base and my bedroom in the Inn. Sadly it doesn't go smoothly and I die again!

Slime Balls
I then get some slimeballs from fighting slime with my diamond sword.

Magma Blocks
I travel to The Nether to gather 10 stacks of Magma Blocks.
To make sure I'm safe, I brew some Potions of Fire Resistance from crafting Slimeballs and Blaze Powder into Magma Creme.

Fish and Bone Farm
I then travel to my island to make a Fish and Bone Farm by placing Magma Blocks in the Ocean and using a Hopper Minecart underneath to collection the drops.
Fish spawn in the area and then swim into the bubble columns and get sucked down onto the magma blocks.

After a short AFK session I log in to find I've been pranked with a simple redstone device that gives me Slowness for 2 minutes!

It's just another day of fun and games on Truly Bedrock!

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