Guardian Farm Upgrades | Truly Bedrock Season 1 [54] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP (MCPE / MCBE)

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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode need to fill up 6 shulker boxes of resources for Jessiie B as she slabbed out a huge area of the ocean under our Mob Farm.

She asks for 2 shulkers of ink sacs, 1 shulker of gunpowder, 1 shulker of glass and 2 shulkers of sea lanterns.

I manage to get the ink sacs, gunpowder and glass from our mob farm area but we were completely out of sea lanterns so I had to go AFK at the Guardian Farm to get them.

Sadly the Guardian Farm Storage system wasn't keeping up with the number of items coming through so I tore it all out and started again.

I started with a large dual item sorting system to remove all of the fish, salmon, ink sacs and gold nuggets coming into the system. The system then sorted prismarine shards and prismaring crystals into two separate hopper lines going into to high speed dropper elevators carrying the prismarine up to the storage chests above.

The hoppers split left and right filling the right side of the storage system with prismarine crystals and the left side with prismarine shards.

Using several double chests as item buffers I was able to AFK at the guardian farm for long enough to fill both shulkers with sea lanterns.

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