Gifting Tizztom, ZloyXP & SilentWisperer | Truly Bedrock [1-27] Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP (MCBE)

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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode SlackLizard and I decide to make up to TizzTom for the rubbish we filled his chests with in a previous episode.
We decide to give him a gift of enchanted diamond armor and tools so that he might forgive us and feel a little closer to The Diamond Alliance.

Slack Lizard also prepares a shulker box of diamonds, fireworks, a conduit and other great gifts for the Money Alliance, AKA the money morons, Zloy and Silent Wisperer. We write them a book so they know the gift is from us and we hope they will look the other way in future when we are working on our shops and the nether.

Slack and I then go shopping in Tizztom's glass shop and we go digging for Magma Blocks so start building our Epic Squid farm in the next episode.

I can't wait to see what zloyxp and silentwisperer think of our gifts!

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