TRADING HALL IRON FARM | Tutorial Guide | Minecraft Bedrock Edition Iron Farm Help (MCBE)

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This Minecraft video is a guide to makeing a functional trading hall with the new villagers and workstations from the village and pillage update of Minecraft Bedrock Edition version 1.11.

In this video I show you how to trap a villager onto their bed and connect them to their workstation so they always restock their trades and can be easily switched to another profession.

I also show you how to roll their trades so you can get which trades you want and then I show you how to also make the trading hall into a mini-iron farm too.

This version of the trading hall is only 1 chunk in size, so it's quite small. However I have another video showing this with 72 villagers and a full iron golem spawning platform that gives lots more iron ingots per hour.

This iron farm gives around 20 to 30 iron ingots per hour and has 40 villagers. You can use any of the new workstations including the lectern, the loom, the smithing table, potion brewing stand, the stonecutter, the fletching table and many more.

This design makes it easy to find and remember each villager and keeps them organised so they don't dissappear or get disconnected from their bed or their workstation.

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