CHUCK = EVIL? | Truly Bedrock Season 1 [82] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.14 SMP

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In this Minecraft Lets Play episode on the Truly Bedrock SMP Server, I start digging out the area under my base to make an underground lab.

My plan is to steal the Magical Moon Rock from Silentwisperer's laboratory so I can bring Mr. Onion back to life.

However, in order to get passed Silent's defences, in order to think like Silentwisperer, I need to become like silentwisperer.

So I start making my own lab to get in his mindset and develop schemes to help me steal the moon rock.

During the video, I head over to the hostile mob farm and the guardian farm to fix my tools. Chuck is AFK at the hostile mob farm and squid farms and dies from fall damage.

Whilst trying to rescue his things, I also die and get stuck in the squid farm. Chuck is the only one that can rescue me!

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