2x2 Piston Doors + Jeb Doors | Minecraft Bedrock Edition Tutorial (MCBE / MCPE)

World Download: http://bit.ly/2P6Qu0I

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This is a tutorial showing different types of 2x2 piston doors for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

I start with a simple 2x2 piston door which uses pressure plates to open the doors. Then I show how the design can be compacted.

After that I explain a 2x2 Jeb Door and show how the redstone works.

Finally I show and build a Flush 2x2 Piston Door which requires an item to be thrown to open. This secret door hides behind book cases.

I go through a full tutorial on the flush 2x2 piston door, including the redstone circuits to detect the item.

All of these piston doors are designed to work on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft (MCBE), also known as pocket edition (MCPE).

I show several different type of Door including:
+ Simple 2x2 Piston Door
+ Compact 2x2 Piston Door
+ Flush 2x2 Piston Door (Jeb Door)
+ Hidden 2x2 Piston Door
+ Scrret 2x2 Piston Door

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