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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode I start by firing Big Chicken from the realm as Chuck is now back and can do his job better.

I instruct Chuck to AFK at Slack Lizard's witch hut to get us some gunpowder.

Then I go to restock the End Shop with fireworks and I find that all of the bone blocks and some slime balls have been purchased.

I then go to find Chuck who is AFK in the wrong place causing Lag at the Quad Spawner XP farm. I ask him to move to the Slime farm to get us some more slime balls for the shop.

I then find him at the Witch hut instead. So I make him actually go to the slime farm for and AFK session and I find some of the snow golems at the slime farm have fallen off their blocks.

I reseat the snowmen and head to the community Village City area ready for Livestream Day.

Mr Onion then goes to rob the Bank in the shopping area and is stopped by ZloyXP who offers him a loan.
Mr Onion accepts 128 diamonds in return for 10% interest and accepts that if he doesn't pay back in 1 month, Zloy will take his shop and all his goods.

Mr Onion then goes shopping to purchase lots of stock for his shop and begins to build his shop up on the hill. He calls it a Mountaineering Equipment shop and sells Iron, Pickaxes and lots of other random items.

Later on SlackLizard joins me and we find all of our items that we lost in the Moon Rock crater, hiding inside the fallen moon rock. We also find lots of gems and ores. We then go to fix the Nether Portal that SilentWisperer and ZloyXP shut down and we prepare for the stream day.

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