Redstone Clocks for Bedrock | Minecraft Bedrock Edition (MCBE / MCPE)

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This is a tutorial showing different types of redstone clock on the bedrock edition of minecraft.

Some of the minecraft redstone clocks for bedrock are different from Java edition clocks and some are also quite buggy depending on your world and if you're playing on realms.

I show several different type of clocks including:
+ Observer Clocks
+ Comparator Clocks
+ Repeater Clocks
+ Piston Clocks
+ Etho Hopper Clocks
+ Delay Clocks
and several others.

I explain which clocks are buggy on bedrock edition, which are fast and which are most useful.

I also show a super long delay clock that allows you to set a timer for up to 48hrs in 5 minute intervals.

The problem is that most Observer Clocks for Bedrock Edition tend to be buggy because Observers can often glitch and get stuck on or off. Having corrupted chunks or chunks with lots of PendingTick data which slows redstone ticks can also cause problems with Observers.

It is much safer to use Comparator Clocks or Piston Clocks for Bedrock Edition as these don't suffer too badly from the lag.

All of these clocks work on minecraft pe 1.12.0 which is also known as pocket edition (MCPE), bedrock edition (MCBE).

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