Minecraft Earth & Dungeons | Foxy Talks [11] | Bedrock Edition (MCBE)

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I talk about YouTube's Content ID copyright claim system and how I'm using it to my advantage as well as some horrendous game breaking bugs from the Bedrock 1.11 Village and Pillage Update and finally I discuss some of my concerns about Minecraft Earth and how I think Minecraft Dungeons will be amazing and hopefully bring new combat to the core Minecraft Experience.

In this podcast I also talk about the disparity between Minecraft Bedrock Edition Trading and Minecraft JAVA Edition 1.14 villager trading. I go into detail about some of the major bugs affecting Minecraft Village and Pillage otherwise known as Minecraft JAVA 1.14 Update.

The bugs affect the Bedrock Edition Iron Farms on both MCPE and Xbox as well as other consoles and Windows 10.

I speculate about Minecraft 1.15 and what I think will come as part of the next big minecraft update. I think it will go hand in hand with Minecraft Dungeons Combat Mechanics and the Fletching Table and the Smithing Table will get more functionality as promised by the developers on Twitter.

Foxy's Podcast
Episode 11 - Village & Pillage Bugs | Minecraft Earth and Dungeons

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00:57 - My Week
17:16 - News
40:16 - Contact Details
41:27 - Q&A
50:20 - Discussing Copyright
56:00 - Discussing V&P 1.11
1:15:49 - Discussing MC Earth & Dungeons
1:27:21 - Outro

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List of Nonesense
Minecraft 1.15 will be out one day!
Minecraft 1.11 is the most recent minecraft update.
Minecraft 1.10 is relatively recent.
Minecraft 1.9 Is a little old now.
MCBE is the Edition I play on.
Minecraft Survival Lets Play is my favourite way to play.
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