Command Block Admin | Truly Bedrock Season 1 [53] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP (MCPE / MCBE)

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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode I go through all of the command blocks on the Truly Bedrock Season 1 realm as well as some admin fixes to get rid of the immortal Wither Boss left in the End by silentwisperer.

I add a new command block system in to help the players remove immortal withers without requiring me to log in, download the realm, run commands and upload it again because we play on a system with no cheats and no commands enabled.

I also go through optimisation some of the other command block systems including one player sleep for bedrock realms and also the Thunder Shrine system, making use of the new tick delay features available on Minecraft Bedrock edition command blocks.

This unique feature enables the command blocks to run every set number of ticks instead of ever tick, severely reducing lag on the realm.

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