Nether Stars & Windmill | Truly Bedrock [1-50] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP (MCPE / MCBE)

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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode I start heading over to the end to auto kill some withers with a wither killing station.

Whilst heading out through an end gateway I find an unraided end city and ship which I loot for some new elytra and shulker boxes.

I then use the wither killer to auto kill two wither bosses giving me 2 nether stars that I can then use to craft beacons.

I add one of the beacons back at my base but I have no blocks to power it. So I head over to the Shopping area to buy Gold Blocks from TNC's golden carrot shop.

When I get back I find another pillager patrol around my base. I take some time to follow my comments advice on how to transport the pillager captain, but none of the tips seem to work.

I then go mining below my base to get as many resources as possible. Before I start though, I go back to the guardian farm to repair my tools and armor.

I then who of the Vanilla DX UI texture pack that makes the game look like JAVA Edition instead of Bedrock Edition. Even the GUIs and inventory interfaces look like JAVA Edition versions.

I then head over to the mining mesa to see where it is.

I make my nether portal wider to stop it damaging me as I come through before finally starting on the windmill that's designed to cover the melon and pumpkin farm.

While looking for clay to make bricks I find lots and lots of drowned that I kill of to help prevent lag on the realm.

I meet up with Lyarrah who gives me 4 stacks of bricks in exchange for a shulker box of rockets.

In order to turn the clay blocks I mined, I need a fortune 3 shovel to convert it into clay balls to smelt into bricks to make brick blocks.

I go to the shopping centre to buy some enchanted books including Unbreaking III, Mending I and Fortune III.

I can't get enough unbreaking books though so I go to Zloy's village of revive as he has a villager who trades them. I don't have enough resources to trade so I have to go and gather them elsewhere and come back.

Finally I craft a fully enchanted Fortune III enchanted shovel, convert all of the clay into clay balls and get it started smelting so I can continue working on the windmill.

I end the video showing the section of the windmill that I've started working on. It's not finished, but it's looking pretty good.

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