Minecraft | OCEAN MONUMENT | Foxy's Bedrock Survival [46]


Welcome to my Let's Play of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. In this series I play Minecraft, mining and building all sorts of exciting things.

I don't really know Minecraft Bedrock Edition very well so I need you to help me by giving me tips and tricks about Pocket Edition and I'd also like you to give me lots of fun challenges to complete during this series.

In this episode I use my Ocean Monument Explorer Map to locate a Ocean Monument.
I fly to the Ocean Monument using my Elytra and I go inside to fight the Elder Guardians and claim the Elder Guardian Treasure.

I use potions of water breathing made from puffer fish to stay underwater for a long time and I navigate the Underwater Temple to find all three Guardians.

I defeat the Elder Guardians easily and I wait until my Mining Fatigue is gone so that I can mine the blocks and claim the 8 cold blocks of treasure.

I also get 3 sponges from the Elder Guardians and I find a Sponge room in the Temple full of another 25 wet sponges.

I mine out the inside of the temple to get all of the prismarine and sea lanterns, then I make a tunnel in the nether to link to the temple.

I use the prismarine, prismarine brick and packed ice to decorate the nether tunnel.


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Thank you all for watching my Minecraft YouTube let's play survival series videos and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them.

- Foxy No-Tail :)