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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode SlackLizard and I build a Slime Farm from seven different Slime Chunks in the area underneath Slack's base.

We start by digging out each chunk and then adding a snow golem over the centre of each slime chunk, 4 blocks above the spawning platform.

Under the snow golem we add lava blades that turn the large slimes into medium slimes and the medium slimes into small slimes.

The small slimes then jump down a hole in the centre trying to get to the snow golem.

We create waterstreams to bring the small slimes up to an AFK platform that loads all 7 chunks with a Trident killer in place to give us XP as well as slime balls.

During the Episode, Mr. Onion pays a visit to help SlackLizard buy some Iron from ZloyXP's shop.

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