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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode I start by detailing some work I had done off camera on my house. Adding in some internal decoration or interior design of the hall way, I show of a wood themed build pallet using note blocks to make the halls look very nice.

I then cut to me having built a giant barn over my sea pickle farm. It also has an extension that covers my sugar cane and bamboo micro farms.

Inside the barn there is a hard standing that the farm sits on and there are lots of details including piles of wood, stone and some farm produce.

The barn has lots of wooden beams on the inside that lead up a couple of levels towards the roof leading to a window at either end.

On the back of the extension the rear is filled with fence posts allowing the air to flow through the building.

I run out of spruce and dark oak wood during the build so I head over to Zap and Prowl's wood shop to discover they are completely sold out.

So I then setup a very manual temporary tree farm planting lots of dark oak and spruce to fill a couple of shulker boxes.

However, the best way to chop spruce trees is to use the enderpearl trick, but I have no ender pearls so I take a trip to the end to gather a few stacks.

I have an issue getting enough endermen to spawn so I go looking for them and find them all stuck down a hole on the end island. I lure a few of them to the surface and continue to gather enderpearls.

After gathering a few stacks of ender pearls, I plant spruce saplings, bonemeal them and chop loads of spruce wood.

I then discover the ability to grow loads of red and yellow flowers using bonemeal.

I then head over to the guardian farm to repair my tools and armor. Before I leave I refill the potion chests with Instant Damage II potions otherwise known as harming potions.

I then head over to the desert to gather a couple of shulker boxes full of sand.

Finally I go to the nether to extend the nether tunnels that zloy started. I extend the purple tunnel using white and purple concrete as well as purple glass and purple and white carpet.

I go over to Lyarrah's concrete shop to buy some coloured concrete, however she had completely sold out so I went back to the desert to make more concrete using my concrete farm.

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